gGerman sausages in assortmenth by Mr, Takejiro Kobayashi, a friend of the Chef is published.

Mr. Kobayashi spent many years in Germany to learn various types of sausages.  In 2004, he was awarded the title of the Sausage gMeisterg in Germany.  The publication released introduces the proficient skills in an easy-to-understand manner for not only those professionals and those who like to try to make sausages.  The publication could be your reference book.

Introducing a famous yodel singer Mr. Takeo Ishii and his CD
Only Japanese popular yodel singer in Südtirol
in Germany

Mr. Ishii and I spent our ascetic practices time in Zurich .  Mr. Ishii has put his energy to learn yodel and I  for cooking.  My friend Takeo and I often discussed various things including our future career.  Now, he is one of famous yodel singers in southern Germany .

The following CDs are sold in Germany for 20 Euro and 26 Euro.
@20 Euro  for Kann denn jodeln Suende sein  (cover photo with leather vest)
@26 Euro for IMPORT|HIT|AUS@JAPAN (cover photo with posture of prayer)

We are making a special offer to buy Mr. Takeo Ishiifs CD for our customers and those who visit this shop.  His CDs are lack of stock for a while, but fortunately the CDs are now available.  .

Five spieces of Mr. Takeo Ishiifs CD(right side) are available
with the following price . (as of Oct th, 2015)
Right side CD : 2600 yen a piece
Hope you enjoy Mr. Takeo Ishiifs yodel world and his attractive voice.