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Road to the Restaurant, Zum Einhorn
NODA Hiroshi

With my staff

I was born in Shinagawa, Tokyo on 10th of August, 1947.
1973, I chose a culinary career to be a cook because it has been my dream since I was small. I started to work for a Czechoslovakian restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo. And later, with the managerfs recommendation, I took a ship from Yokohama harbor through Russia to Frankfurt, Germany, to work at the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof as a cook apprentice. I learned various European cuisine and cooking styles through the following places.

* Worked at the Steigenberger Park Hotel in Dusseldorf for a year and a half, * German dishes,
* Worked at the Hotel Atlanta in Brussels, Belgium for one year.
* Worked at Sheraton Hotel in Brussels for a half year,
* Worked at Monte Carlo Sporting Club of Hotel de Paris in Monaco for three months.

As I studied the variety of European cuisine, I returned to Japan on October 1977, but I took off for Switzerland to take further cooking training, February 1978. Then, I started my career as a Chef at the Switzerland restaurant MOVENPICK opened first time in Japan, November, 1979.

Later, I transferred to American Club in Tokyo as a position chef and worked there for two years. 1983, I opened a small restaurant in Setagaya Ward. Menu written in Japanese, English, Germany and French is favored by foreigners. One of my customers, an executive officer of OAG Haus, German Culture Center, advised me to open a restaurant in the OAG Haus. As the result, I opened a restaurant, OAG Club Restaurant Krisel in OAG, Akasaka Tokyo. August 1987.

The president and executive officers of Daimler-Chrysler Japan Co,. who often came to there encouraged me to open a restaurant in Roppongi First Building where the headquarters of the company locates. July 1994, I decided to open the second restaurant, Zum Einhorn, in Roppongi First Building with a great support from Daimler-Chrysler.


October 2005

Serve as a guest chef for gKishoku Manmen Bansankai g banquet produced by Mr. Takurou Tatsumi at Rihga Royal Hotels in Kyoto.

Sept 1990

Responsible for g300 Years from Kampferfs visit Anniversaryh lunch celebrated with Crown Prince Hironomiya and ambassadors at OAG Haul.

April 1991

Responsible for the dinner hosted by Canadian ambassador Taylor for the completion of the new building anniversary.

Nov 1991

Responsible for First German reunification anniversary party inviting 1200 attendees including ambassadors at the German ambassadorfs residence.

May 1997

Publish a book for German food culture, "Unknown Dishes and Culture"@- cook for German forest food, from Kyouiku Shuppan Center publisher.

Feb. & Sept 1999

Conduct a tour to Germany, gGerman Food Culture Tour with Chefh, with 20 customers exposing them to German food culture.  This tour was designed by Global Youth Bureau travel agency and became annual event since this year.

Sept 1999

Publish Part 2 of German food culture, "Gourmet Travel along Wine Trail" - cook for German forest food.

May 1999

Introduce German regional food culture in the monthly magazine of Sanshu publishing company for one year.

May 1999

Appear on the NHK one hour liveradio program, gIkiIki Club.h

Nov 1999

Appear on the NHK two hour live  radio program, gIkiIki Club-Cultural day special programh

Dec 1999

Introduce German food culture for 4 weeks on Sankei News paper.

Mar 2001

Appear on the NHK one hour live radio program, gIkiIki Club.h

April 2001 Travel with violinist Atsuko Tenma to the Elbe River cruise
Feb 2002 Martinova Bratnija Diploma was given by Slovania Saint Martin Church for the third person as Japanese who contributed to introduce Slovania food culture in Japan.
Aug 2002 Publish "Gifts from the Beer Country" with which introduces beer culture from various places of Germany.
Oct 2002 Appear on the NHK TV program, gShin Otoko no Shokusaih (Menfs Cooking)
Nov 2002 Introduced in gGaishoku Journalh (a dining out journal)

Apr 2005

Responsible for gGerman Year in Japanh party with 350 attendees from Tuev Rheinland Japan

May 2005 Responsible Botschafter Dittmanh party with 700 attendees at the German embassy residence.
Appear on the TV Asahi special program for  gGerman Year in Japanh and introduce German dishes.
Introduced in gCooking and Diningh in Sankei Newspaper on May 19, 2005
Introduced in Womenfs Gourmet in Yomiuri Newspaper on May 23, 2005
Jun 2005 Hold cooking class at Supermarket Kinokuniya.
April 2006 Become one of regular chef of gBuffet 131h for NHK radio program.
May 2006 Appear on TV iTSCOM program gWunderbar! Discovered Germanyh
May 2009 ‚`@‚”‚…‚“‚”‚‰‚‚‚Ž‚‰‚‚Œ
March 2011 gDeuche Winekennerh

From hElbe River Cruiseh


German inboard kitchen staff worked with.during hElbe River Cruiseh

Since the ceiling of the ship is fairly low, caps with their names are provided instead of the regular cooking cap.



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